Advisory Services:

The Firm regularly advises clients with respect to general corporate, domestic and foreign investment, banking as well as intellectual property issues. The Firm routinely handles employment and labour-related issues on behalf of clients. This includes structuring employment contracts so as to maximise the chances of employee retention, and advice on general labour regulation issues. The Firm has also advised prospective employers on the enforcement of trade-restrictive employment clauses in the contracts of individuals formerly employed by other members of the same industry. In addition, the Firm advises and handles competition related issues on behalf of its clients.

Transactional Services:

The Firm acts as retained counsel to various leading companies and advises on a broad range of corporate issues. Members of the Firm have experience in drafting agreements such as Joint Venture Agreements, Shareholders Agreements, Share Purchase Agreements, Franchise Agreements, Asset Purchase Agreements, Buyer Agency Agreements, Distribution Agreements, Construction Contracts, Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund Formation Documentation and Banking Documentation.

The Firm has acted for: (i) a Dubai based joint venture in setting up hotels in the Punjab and Sindh; (ii) a renowned Pakistani fashion designer in setting up a joint venture for the GCC region with a Dubai based investment group; (iii) a French transport consultant advising on the establishment of a rapid mass transit system; (iv) a local financial services firm in setting up a joint venture in the Dubai International Financial Centre, with funding being provided by a Gulf-based financing group; (v) a local sponsor in negotiating a multi-billion rupee real estate project in Pakistan with a leading developer from the Middle East; (vi) a local sponsor in establishing a multi-million dollar project in the cinema sector; (vii) a Dubai based telecommunications company in establishing and marketing telecom services throughout Pakistan; (viii) a Dubai based media company in developing a television cable service in Pakistan; (ix) a US based marketing company in acquiring and marketing a leading local fashion label; (x) the owner of a major power generation plant in negotiating and settling the contracts for increasing the capacity of the plant; (xi) a local manufacturing and retailing company in establishing franchised outlets across Pakistan; (xii) a Dubai based media company in entering into a joint venture for acquiring worldwide broadcasting rights for sporting events; (xiii) a local joint venture working with a leading French supplier in establishing a pilot parking meter system; (xiv) a local agricultural research company regarding joint ventures with foreign collaborators for the development of new seed varieties; (xv) the Government of the Punjab regarding two separate joint ventures for the introduction and development of proprietary seed varieties in Pakistan, and in the execution of a tractor subsidy scheme; and (xvi) a firm of international architects and property developers in establishing an apartment building involving a novel trust structure for securing the rights of the apartment owners, particularly in enforcing the appropriate use of the common facilities. The Firm has advised clients from a broad range of industries and sectors, including banks, venture capital and private equity funds, power generation companies, software houses, ISPs, textile mills, cement plants, sugar mills, and governmental organisations.